Indian Feminist Author Sarojini Sahoo on Female Sexuality

A distinguished feminist writer, novelist, and author of several short story anthologies, Sarojini Sahoo was born in 1956 in Orissa, India. She earned MA and Ph.D. degrees in Oriya literature - as well as a Bachelor of Law degree - from Utkal University. A college instructor, she has been honored with a number of awards and her works have been translated into several languages.

  "I always want to paint the sexuality opposite to Indian patriarchy concept"

Sarojini Sahoo n'est pas encore connue du public francophone ; pourtant depuis bien des années déjà, cette auteure de langue oriya s'est fait en Inde, et au-delà, une réputation bien assise et bien particulière qui lui a valu d'être appelée la "Simone de Beauvoir indienne". C'est en effet avant tout en tant que féministe déterminée que Sarojini Sahoo écrit romans, nouvelles et essais. Elle a eu la gentillesse de répondre avec beaucoup d'intérêt à nos questions.

  "Voice of Protest against 'Universal Male Sexual Sadism"

Sarojini Sahoo (b.1956) is a reputed Indian feminist and bilingual writer who has won the Orissa Sahitya Academy Award (1993), the Jhankar Award (1992), the Bhubaneswar Book Fair Award, and the Prajatantra Award. She writes in both Oriya and English and besides her eight novels and eight anthologies of short stories in Oriya, she has published one novel and two collections of short stories in English.

  "Jaydeep Sarangi – In conversation with Sarojini Sahoo"

Well known for her frankness, Dr. Sarojini Sahoo is a prime figure and trendsetter of feminism in contemporary Oriya literature. For her feminism is not a gender problem or any confrontational attack on male hegemony. She accepts feminism as a total entity of femalehood, which is completely separate from the man's world. She writes with a greater consciousness of women bodies, which would create a more honest and appropriate style of openness, fragmentation and non-linearity.

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