The novel begins with when Priyanka, the female protagonist ,a just passed out medico joins her duty at a small medical aid centre in Saragpali, a remote village of undeveloped western Orissa.The novel develops thematically in two fold ways. One on the basis of T.S.Elliot’s poem “An Indian Dies In Africa” and other on the issue of sexuality.

Priyanka, as a fresher in her job, has to face the upstream situations at Saragpali. The senior doctor, her next to chair colleague , becomes the main rival .In rural Orissa, the Government Institutions like school and hospitals are always
  considered as the play field for the shrewd and petty politicians.

The rivalary between the Member of Parliament and the Member of Legislative got themselves entangled in the hospital matters and they played petty politics. As her colleague was a supporter of the existing MLA, the ex Mp has shown his sympathy towards Priyanka.

There is a feeling of discrimination between the people of Western Orissa that they have been exploited by the people of Coastal Orissa.There are many socio economico politico and geographical reason behind it. But the politicians of western Orissa have always made this feeling a weapon to exploit the mass mentality. Hence, the presence of a young unmarried lady as a medico in the area, enhanced the hurdles for Priyanka as she is from coastal Orissa.

The other part of the novel is the thematic development of sexuality in Priyanka. Saragpali is an exile for her. She has to encounter the lonliness. This lonliness develops in to a sexual urge and sooner Priyanka finds her self sexually attached with the ex MP. Though there is an age gap between them, the intelligence in him impressed her and she discovers a hidden archeologist in him.

The sensibility of a female is different from that of a male. For the MP, the sexuality is a matter of joy, but for Priyanka, it is the solution of the life matters. Thus, once Priyanka discovers her love is not more but mere a time pass for the ex MP .Being known to the real truth Priyanka loses all of her hope to remain in the exile. She knows, it is hard to survive here with all the hurdles, but at the last, she decides not to leave the place as she remembers her father was once taught her a poem of TS Eliot:

A man’s destination is not his destiny
Every country is home to one and exile to another,
Where a man dies bravely,
At one with his destiny
That else is his
Let his village remember.

Priyanka remembers the poem and decides to face the hurdles because she knows human is the source of energy and she cant become an escapist from her life. She has to fight the situations to prove her existence.

The remarkable features in the novel are the sincerity of the writer to observe and paint the sensibility and feelings of Priyanka. It is Sarojini’s mastery that she writes the novel in a poetic form.

In Oriya Literature, Pratibandi has its own credibility for the frankness of the writer to deals with the sensitive matters either it may be in politics or in sexuality.It has gained a reputation and has its own place in the history of Oriya novel.
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