This is quite different from Sarojini’s other novel in stylish and conceptual approach. It is an inner story of a film troupe .The film unit wants to record the ‘poverty’ in celluloid reel. Shilpa, the protagonist, is the anchor of this documentary. She is chosen as anchor not because of her beauty, but as (to the director Vishwanath’s perception) there is a peculiar resemblance of poverty with her facial expression. Other than Shilpa and Vishwanath,the film unit consists of camera man Rajiv and sound recordist Madhu.And there is an out sider,Sushil, the husband of Shilpa, who perfoms the role of guide and care taker to the unit. And the characters
  of the documentary are the local people of Sushi’s village.

The total novel describes a search of ‘poverty’ by some so called urban based intellectuals.But what is the definition of poverty ?Can we limit it in only socio economic criteria?There is a poverty lies in our heart, in our sensibility.It can not be displayed through any documentation.
The novel has a wide landscape where different topics like BPL,Indira Awas Yojana,DRDA etc (which are linked with the modern vocabularies of India) are discussed.On the other hand the complex chemistry of human psychology is also very skillfully narrated.

The novel has featured many characters .There is Haricharan, a schedule caste guy, who after becoming an administrative officer, keeps himself away from his community.His brother Gurucharan, a singer by born, is arrested by the police for suspicion of stealing a cow as he is from the schedule caste community.The cow returns after few days, but Gurucharan does not return from the jail.His mother roams for the exoneration of Gurucharan.Charmy’s brother wants his two sisters should engage themselves in prostitution.Charmy and her sister Panchami have to leave their brother’s house as they do not agree with their brother’s such proposal.But strange enough,that Charmy involved herself physically with Rajiv.Rajiv gives her a local made gun to shoot her brother as it often happens in the art films.But Charmy does not shoot her brother.She sells the gun for some kg of rice.

The novel describes the complex situations of love between Shilpa and Vishwanath.But they know their limitations.They don’t even admit their love.But Sushil can understand the hidden love between them.Thi make sushil hurt,but he can’t express his feelings openly.The writer has very skillfully painted the silent reactions of the characters on that un uttered relationship.
The novel ends with a camp fire.The film troupe welcome the New Year with a midnight party .But can they document the poverty properly ?Are they able to find the real poverty of mankind which is always hidden in our heart ?The novel ends with such questions.
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