This is one of the exceptional novel of Sarojini,where the protagonist is not a female one,but Barun, a middle aged smart intellectual, an editor of very little read Daily News Paper. Barun, an atheist by belief, addicted to the the forbidden ‘five M’ of Hinduism, didn’t know why he became a part of the pilgrim party and was climbing the elevated 14KM icy rocky path to Kedarnath, the Divine Temple of the Himalayas. Thus the novel describes the journey of pilgrims. The novel has a mythical resemblance with the Swarga yatra of Pandavas in Mahabharata, where none except Yudhisthira could reach to the Heaven. Here, in Mahajatra, none but
  Barun, an atheist, who did not adopt neither Brahmacharya nor Banaprastha in his life time , could reach the destination. The other pilgrims either left behind or went to the plain for various reason.

Every character in this novel is separate from the other. Yet they started their travel from the Har ki Paudi at Haridwar with a travel trip organized by an travel agent. Before that they were not known to each other. On the way they had left the rivers Mandakini,Bhagirathi,and Alaknanda behind as well as places like Rudra Prayag, Son Prayag and Gourikunda. But with the rise of height from sea level, some of the troop members felt sick. One of the young member, a personal servant of a Professor was found missing. It is a very complex novel, having cluster of many characters and each character has his own past behind.each past has its own long story, own memorable events, own hidden sins, own unforgettable melancholy.Every charactesr in the novel are different from each other.Their dreams are different,failures are different yet there is a similarity in those characters.They reflect a same image of strange exclusive helplessness.

The travelers troupe was going to reduce day by day.Some one left the team by being bored of such tiresome journey.Some one left the team because he had to go in search of the missing one.Some one had to return back due to his sickness,someone had to leave the team for nursing the sick.At the end Barun found himself alone to the travel team.

At the foothills of Kedarnath, Barun realized the feelings that it was not at all required for him to come here. It was better for Major or Professor Mohapatra or the old lady Parida Mausi to come here. They had their own goal, own beliefs, but Barun had nothing out of these. Why did he join the troupe? To have an experience with glaciers or to encounter the God?He did not want any ‘Mukti’ or liberation of soul from the earthly needs. He had no idea to go for Banaprastha. It seemed, he had been living a wrong life till then.He should have some courage and motive force like the Major,should have love and sensibility like the Professor Mohapatra,should have some softness like Gouri.Barun realized,it is the time to return back to the sea and to start his life again with a new motto, then only he could start trekking to understand the arribadas.
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