“Pakhibas” is a superior example of Sarojini Sahoo’s boldness ,even if in gender neural topic. The novel was first published in 2006 in a literary journal CHITRA and in 2007 , the “Timepass Publication House” published it in a book form .In 2009 , the Bengali version has been published from Bangladesh ( ISBN no. 984-70114-0089-1 , Code : 689) by Somoy Prakashani ,Dhaka.

Pakhibas is a multi dimensional novel which includes a downtrodden family saga; a truest representation of Communist guerilla war (Maoist movement ) in current India and a truest
  representation of socio economic picture of Orissa but it is the author’s mastery that she has turned all the events with a symbolical representation of mythical story from Hindu Vaishnavite Holibook Bhagwat. .In every aspects the author’s tone is bold and spiky and makes reader to sense more .This is the family saga of an untouchable, down trodden cattle bone collector Satnemi families of western Orissa.  
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