Gambhiri Ghara is one of the much acclaimed novels of Sarojini Sahoo. ... she does not betray her distinction of being the leading feminist writer of Orissa.:

SHE is considered the Judith Butler and Virginia Woolf of contemporary Oriya literature. And yet for her, feminism is not just about battling male hegemony.

The Dark Abode is as powerful as any of Sahoo’s most popular creations. Like in all her other masterpieces, this novel will not betray her characteristic of being a feminist writer and is sure to peak the interests of both new and old readers alike.

Though in her stories Sarojini deals with the social issues but she is basically a writer of Individual values

Sarojini Sahoo is a remarkable writer of Oriya language. She is known as one of the first ranking feminist writers of India. Known mainly as a fiction writer, she usually writes in Odiya. (Reviewed by noted Bangladeshi Writer Selina Hossain)

It is a story of an extra marital affair between two lovers who belong to two enemy countries, India and Pakistan. The lovers have not seen each other. The bridge of communication between them is e-mail. The hero is a perverted artist who enjoyed fifty-two affair in his life while having two wives in Pakistan. He tries to be a perfect man after falling in love with the protagonist, Kuki. Post-colonial situation of Indian sub-continent enhanced the hostility between Hindus and Muslims. But the people have the same group myths that the political authorities always try to rebuff.

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An Oriya novel by Sarojini Sahu : Synopsis of the novel GAMBHIRIGHAR (The Dark Abode) ...

Upanibesh( 1989 ) , Sarojini Sahoo - the first attempt in the literature of the Oriya language of India to focus on sexuality as a part of social revolt by a woman.

Authors who have advocated sex-positive feminism include Ellen Willis, Susie Bright, ..... Sarojini Sahoo - Indian author (Oriya language, Orissa state) ...

Certainly it can be considered a good piece of news for readers of literature in Bangladesh that a worthy translation of a novel by a noted fictionist of Orissa has come out very recently from a local publishing house. The novel Mithya Gerosthali, set in a very familiar context, is able to draw the attention of many for both its loftiness and its lucidity of language…….

Gambhiri Ghara is one of the much acclaimed novels of Sarojini Sahoo. ... The novel is a powerful as any of Sarojini Sahoo's most popular short stories.

The Review of "Mithya Gerosthali" by eminent fiction writer Anisul Haque, published in the 2nd November 2007 issue of the Bangladesjhi Daily "Pratham Alo"

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